The database was created on the occasion of the refurbishment of the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts’ plaster cast collection and its re-display in the Star Fortress in Komárom and in the National Museum Conservation and Storage Centre in Budapest.


Miriam Szőcs, Márton Tóth, Zsófia Vargyas


Zsófia Bognár, Andrea Rózsavölgyi, Miriam Szőcs, Márton Tóth, Zsófia Vargyas, Orsolya Veress


Judit Borus, Noémi Böröczki


Noémi Böröczki, Ildikó Csepregi, Krisztina Sarkady-Hart


Gellért Áment, Áron Harasztos


Ádám Pogány

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Dr. László Baán General Director, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

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Enikő Cser, Erika Dulainé Roboz, Zsolt Szigeti, Márta Flóra Tomasits-Hegedüs, Annamária Vígh

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